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Home Maintenance Companies in Dubai

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Home Maintenance Companies in Dubai

We offer home maintenance services in Dubai for your office, villa, or apartment. If you are looking for Handyman Services, Hanging, and art Work, Electrician, or Electric Fixtures and Machine Installation, you have come to the right site. We also offer plumbing services, including water leak repair and water heater replacement. Home Maintenance Dubai also provides carpentry services such as door locks, hinges, and handles repair, in addition to gypsum partition construction. Working with Masonry, Marble, and Tiling. In addition, painting services encompass interior, exterior, and wallpaper installation and removal. Additionally, we offer AC/Chiller and Central Air Conditioning Repair. Let us assist you in repairing your home with an extensive selection of reasonably-priced repair services, skilled and professional technicians with professional state-of-the-art equipment, improvement, and remodeling services.

Our Services:

  • HandyMan
  • AC Technician
  • Electrician
  • Plumber
  • Carpenter
  • Mason
  • Cleaner
  • Painter
  • Mover
  • Home maintenance services Dubai

You do not need to contact various organizations for different services because a wide variety of home maintenance services are available, covering nearly all of your small and large difficulties. We employ advanced gear to accomplish your project, including a laser level, a dust collector, a hammer drill, and many more; these tools provide extra-straight alignment and a clean finish. For each sort of job, we have a team of highly qualified and seasoned professionals.

Home Maintenance Services

We offer the highest quality home maintenance services in Dubai. Home maintenance services are our specialty. You may contact us for any type of installation, fix, or repair for your apartment, villa, building, office, or warehouse. Our expert Handyman Technicians operate as a team and address a wide range of tasks pertaining to your home maintenance issues.

24/7 Urgent Home Maintenance Repair

Do you have electrical or plumbing emergencies in your apartment, office, or villa, or are you searching for emergency services in Dubai that are available 24/7? We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to resolve any of your emergency home maintenance issues anywhere in Dubai. Sprung a leak? Simply contact our seasoned emergency handyman. He will assist you in eliminating your water leakage problem. If the lights in your home have stopped working, a fuse has blown, or the circuit breaker is tripping, just give us a call and our emergency handyman will solve the problem immediately.

Home Maintenance Dubai Annual Contract:

We also offer a Home Maintenance Dubai annual service for your Home, office and Villa and Much More. Our services are extremely affordable and accessible. We offer repair services within a half-hour of any location.

General Do-It-Yourself Drilling:

When moving into a new residence, there are numerous tasks to complete. Drilling is a task that should only be performed by an expert; otherwise, it might damage the appearance of your home. Work involving drilling includes hanging pictures and shelving on the wall; installing the television on the wall; and installing window blinds.

Master Electrician:

Our electrician handyman is expertly qualified to manage any electrical emergency. Our electrician handyman can help you fix any of your broken electric appliances, including your refrigerator, air conditioner, and washing machine. Handyman electricians can also install or repair light bulbs, chandeliers, and wall plugs. Alternatively, you can contact our handyman electrician if your AC isn’t cooling.

Handyman Carpenter

Our carpenter handyman will do a variety of tasks for you, like constructing a new closet, constructing Gypsum partition walls, and installing wooden floors. Our professional carpenters are also capable of performing small household projects, such as furniture assembly, furniture repair, door repair, structure repair, and doorframe installation.

Handyman Plumber

If you ever experience a tap leak, water heater leak, or AC/Chiller leak at your apartment, workplace, or villa, remember that our handyman plumber is just a phone call away. You can contact him to repair water tank leaks, water pumps, water heaters, clogged drains, and sanitary fittings. Our plumber is also capable of installing your washing machine or bathtub.

Handyman Painter:

Call our painter handyman if you need either the interior or exterior of your home painted. With our specialized paints and painting methods, your property will appear brand new. We offer painting services for villas, studio apartments, furniture, and much more.

JA Renovation Home Maintenance

JA Renovation Home Maintenance Dubai is an 8-year-old company situated in Dubai that offers the following Handyman Services for your apartment, villa, building, or office:

  • Drilling, Hanging, and Mounting
  • Set up curtain rods and blinds
  • Suspended Mirror and Picture Frames
  • Shelves Attached to Walls
  • Light, Lamp & Chandelier Installation
  • Wall Mounted TV Bracket
  • Repairing a Water Leak
  • Toilet Fixings
  • Sink Water Leak or Clogged Drain?
  • Fixing a clogged basin’s water
  • Drain Pipe Water Leak Repair:
  • Bathtub Drain Obstruction
  • Bathtub is Broken and Leaking Water
  • Fix a Water Heater Leak
  • Installation of a New Water Heater
  • Pump Repair for Low Pressure
  • Installation of Laundry Appliances
  • The New Dishwasher Connection Establishment
  • Service for washing machines and refrigerators
  • Installation of Split Air Conditioning
  • Replacement of AC Thermostat
  • Maintenance of central air conditioning and chillers
  • Repair of A/C Water Leaks and Filter Cleaning
  • Breaker Trip Repair
  • DP Box Short Circuit Maintenance
  • Door Lock Handle Hinges Repair
  • A Wooden Glass Gypsum Divider
  • Furnishings Assembly
  • Installation of Marble Tiles
  • Painting the Interior and Exterior
  • End-of-Lease Painting Repairs
  • Wallpaper Application

JA Renovation is a multicultural organization that places a premium on diversity, quality, and creativity. Since day one, our philosophy has been JA RENOVATION. We think it is our societal responsibility to encourage our clients to utilize JA Renovation techniques in their daily lives. We have earned the title of Best Home Maintenance Company in Dubai for two consecutive years by sticking to our three guiding principles:

  1. Efficiency: By acquiring the appropriate technology and tools and by improving our procedures to meet the specific demands of our clients,
  2. Quality: By employing highly skilled technicians and continually retraining them, we consistently achieve perfection and client satisfaction.
  3. Teamwork: By investing in our team and fostering a good atmosphere in which all employees can contribute to their full potential and feel important to the company’s growth.

JA Renovation is more than a JA Renovation Maintenance Company; it is a pledge to give dependable, competent, and high-quality service that will contribute to making the world a better place, one JA Renovation home at a time.

Home Improvement Services

JA Renovation provides property maintenance services for your Dubai home. A Dubai-based maintenance firm with extensive experience in providing home maintenance services for villas, flats, offices, hospitals, schools, and warehouses, among others. having a diversified clientele in several locations throughout Dubai and the UAE.

Annual home maintenance services for AC and HVAC, electrical services, and plumbing services and installations, including PPM and reactive and emergency maintenance, are among our offerings. Planned Preventive Maintenance is the emphasis of the annual maintenance contracts we provide to ensure the operational health of your property’s pricey assets. The most distinguishing characteristic of our services is emergency maintenance that is available around-the-clock with a maximum response time of one hour. In addition, we may create totally tailored maintenance packages to meet all of your property’s maintenance requirements. Please refer to the service packages for additional information.

In addition, we offer a comprehensive selection of independent maintenance services and solutions that every residence and business requires. These services include MEP Services, Electro Mechanical Services, AC & HVAC Repair & Maintenance Services, Electrical Services, Plumbing Services, Painting Services, AC Duct Cleaning, Civil Works, Handyman Services, Water Tank Cleaning Services, Swimming Pool Maintenance Services, Moving & Packing Services, Carpenter Services, and Cleaning Services. Simply contact us, and we will provide a turnkey solution for your home’s upkeep.


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